Best Vastu Tips to Increase Positive Energy at Home

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Vastu Tips For Positive Energy

The term Vastu Shastra is a translation of the Indian Science of Architecture. This ancient Indian science of construction dates back to 5000 years. Providing a detailed and accurate guide to the design and construction of homes and buildings is believed to improve one’s well-being and earning potential and bring prosperity and good luck.

Significance of Vastu Shastra

The principle of Vastu has nothing to do with religion. It is based on the science of balancing the elements that make up Earth and its surrounding space. If your home or workplace violates any Vastu Shastra principles, then it’s a Vastu Dosh! According to the principles of Vastu Shastra, everything in the universe has a level of energy. It is focused on eliminating the negative energy and uplifting the positive energy. Here are some Vastu tips for your home to live a happy and prosperous life and bring positive energies to your home:

Tip #1

The main entrance is a vital part of your house. It’s the entry point for you and your family and brings positive and negative energies. So, always keep the main entrance of your home clean, attractive, and free from any obstruction. To get good health and prosperity, put a glass pot full of water and flower petals near the main door to ward off negative energy. It will help in keeping the home and your family healthy. You can also stick Goddess Lakshmi’s feet stickers at the main entrance.

Tip #2

According to ancient Vastu science, the bathrooms and toilets are a house’s primary sources of negative energy. Hence, they should be designed according to Vastu Shastra to avoid bad energy. Avoid toilets in the Northeast direction as this is the biggest Vastu Dosh, leading to a lack of success in all life matters.

The ideal direction for bathrooms and toilets is northwest or west, and the rest of the other directions should be avoided for constructing these.

Tip #3

While designing a Puja room, one should always face the Northeast while performing prayers. The room should be used for only worshipping God and nothing else. It should not be cluttered with anything you don’t need or want. Relaxing colors like white, yellow, blue, etc., should be used for the walls of the puja room.

Tip #4

Pictures of violence should not be placed anywhere in the home, school, or business. People must understand that this behavior does not represent the values of our society.


Tip #5

Placing wind chimes on bedroom windows can help minimize fights and build a peaceful home. It’s also essential to keep the center of the house free from any obstacles or negative energy.

Tip #6

It’s essential to avoid having five corners in the ceiling of your room. Having five corners on the roof can have adverse effects on your room.

Tip #7

In the bedroom, put your bed in the south or west direction as it helps keep your legs aligned with the body’s natural inclination. Instead of facing the bed, place the mirror on the other side of the wall. Do not place windows behind your bed; instead, put them on the northern or eastern walls.

Tip #8

Bed and almirah should be positioned near the Southwest and the Northeast. A big mirror should be placed in the dining room to attract wealth and prosperity.

Tip #9

If a man wants to get married, he should stay in the rooms located northwest and southwest of his house. He may keep peony flowers in his drawing room in the southwest direction.

Tip #10

Money is the engine that makes the world move on. For Indians, money is a part of our culture and is worshipped as a form of the goddess Lakshmi. We must keep our money/cash box properly to keep it flowing. A cash locker should be placed close to the wall or the room’s southwest corner. It is also vital that the safe is opened in the direction of Lord Kuber.

The Bottom Line

Every object in a house has an energy that it brings, affecting the people living in it. If the thing is not suitable, it can lead to various issues such as loss, failure, and dissatisfaction. In many cases, following Vastu Shastra’s suggestions can sometimes be challenging and impractical to follow. But no worries! As per Vastu, the above tips are more of a guideline to construct your home.

You can indeed have an expert opinion on making your house and life Vastu Dosh-free. Wishing you a happy and prosperous life!

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